Exterior High Pressure Laminates


HPL panels (decorative paper-based plastic, high pressure laminate, compact laminate) are decorative panels manufactured by simultaneous pressing of layers of cellulose fiber material impregnated with thermosetting resins and specially pre-treated craft paper subjected to both pressure and heat. Polycondensation of resins takes place and results in monolythic homogeneous material with no risk of delamination in the process of use. The decorative surface of compact laminate is additionally protected by a special coating layer ensuring panels’ exquisite resistance to fading.

HPL panels advantages:

  • High impact and bending resistance, tensile strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Abrasion resistance – the material is almost unaffected by abrasion.
  • Almost zero absorption – the material does not absorb moist (the ratio of weight of water absorbed by the material to the weight of dry material submerged into water of 65ºС for 48 hours is 1%) and thus can be used in damp rooms without limitations and be treated with water of any temperature (even steam) and pressure with the use of detergents.
  • High resistance to chemically aggressive environments and organic solvents.
  • Fire resistance (flammability group according to standards – G1).
  • High density (imporosity) prevents dirt from penetrating into panels’ structure (including paints and graffiti) and microorganisms propagation.
  • Various formats including large ones.
  • Easy processing without special equipment. Edges do not require additional processing and protection.
  • Easy mounting as there is no need to manufacture cassettes, minimum waste in comparison with other cladding materials.
  • Easy maintenance as the material is easy to clean from dust, dirt and various coloring matters.
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Environmentally friendly (contains no harmful substances) and safe, may be used in contact with food.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance, a wide choice of decors.
  • Long service life (at least 50 years).